Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A grand adventure awaits me for 2015!

Some of you may already know, but some of you may not yet, so gird your loins for this exciting bit of news:

I've been accepted for a summer inter ship at Colonial Williamsburg!!! YAY! I am really excited and I am really honored they chose me.

It was a very hard and scary thing to do, to be completely honest. I never could afford to go to college, and when I was college ready I had no idea how much I would love this crazy section of history. It has become my life, my passion, and the thing I love day in and day out.

Colonial Williamsburg giving me this opportunity is a huge step to helping my career advance and to help my Undressing lecture improve by leaps and bounds in information and representation.

Here is the big part though, and where I need to help of any of my still-dedicated followers. Unfortunately, the internship is unpaid, and unlike a lot of my favorite literary heroes, I do not have a wealthy anonymous benefactor and will not be inheriting a surprise fortune from a long lost relative. Instead, I am beseeching my friends, family, strangers, and interested peoples to help me out on this AMAZING adventure! Whether its with a small donation or a share on facebook or another blog post about it, my gratitude will know no bounds.

Check out the link and see what its all about and check out some of then really neat historically-minded perks I am offering!


Again, thank you so very kindly for any help you can offer, it helps me follow my dream and help my career that I have worked so hard to begin.

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P.s. here is my silly kitty to encourage you.



  1. I caught your lectures this weekend in Indiana -- fantastic! What a wonderful life you lead! Congrats on your opportunity! How can I make a small contribution the old fashioned way? This missive stretches my cyber comfort level in ways few appreciate.

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