Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christmastide at Locust Grove

Calling all Historical Interpreters, Re-Enactors, and generally awesome people who dress up and can act!  Locust Grove in Louisville Kentucky is looking to fill positions for their Christmastide interpretive presentation in December!  Please continue reading for more information on audition dates and characters that need filling!

Come on out for this amazing opportunity to stretch your interpretation and go to the next level!

Historic Locust Grove is holding open auditions for costumed interpreters for our Christmastide event. Auditions will be held on Sunday, March 24 from 1‐4 pm, Monday, March 25 from 6‐8 pm and Sunday,
April 14th from 1‐4pm at Locust Grove. Auditions will consists of a monologue and dialogue (sent out
ahead of time), as well as some improvisational activities. Christmastide will take place in the afternoon
and evening of December 13th and 14th. There will also be opportunities for our costumed interpreter
cast to perform at other events throughout the year. To schedule an audition slot, please contact Mary
Beth Williams at This event has a set cast list. While we encourage everyone to audition, as with any audition process we cannot guarantee you a place in the cast.
Christmastide will be an interactive event open to the public where we recreate the warmth and magic
of the season in an early 19th century American home. The cast will consist of members of the Croghan
and Clark families, as well as close friends visiting Locust Grove in the year 1816. The goal of this event is to educate our guests by bringing history to life before their eyes and create the kind of tangible
experience they cannot get from a book or on a screen. The cast will achieve this through first person
interpretation using a combination of observed conversations and audience interaction as visitors
explore the home of William and Lucy Croghan.

In addition to our House Cast, we have a need for in‐costume dancers to demonstrate period dances in
the Audubon Room of the Visitors Center during Christmastide. Members of the dance company will
perform dances from the early 19th century for visitors, speak with visitors, and encourage visitor
participation in the dances. Dance instruction and rehearsals will be held prior to Christmastide, as well
as workshops about costuming and this time period. Auditions for dance company members will be
held later this spring. Contact Mary Beth Williams at for more information.
We will also be looking for in‐costume guides to lead visitors through their 19th century Christmastide
experience. Guides will escort visitors from the Visitors Center to the House and outbuildings, setting
the scene as they embark on their journey to the Croghan’s party. Guides must be comfortable speaking with people and willing to learn the history of the House in order to answer visitor’s questions. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who enjoys public speaking and is comfortable in front of a group.

*House Cast and Dance Company members will receive training throughout the year in the history of
the period and the family, as well as workshops on period language and manners, physical
characterization and improvisation. There will also be a series of rehearsals in the weeks leading up to
the event. Costumes will be provided by Locust Grove, or participants may choose to create their own
under the guidance of Locust Grove. All costumes for this event must pass approval prior to the event.

Here is a list of the Family members and friends!

Croghan Family:

GENERAL GEORGE ROGERS CLARK Age 64 (male between ~ages 55-65)
(b. November 19, 1752 d. February 13, 1818)

WILLIAM CROGHAN SR. Age 64 (male between ~ages 55-65)
(b. 1752- d. Sept. 1822)

LUCY CLARK CROGHAN Age 51 (female between ~ages 40-50)
(b. September 15, 1765 d. April 4,1838)

JOHN CROGHAN Age 26 (male between ~ages 20-30), and Age 52 in 1842
(between ~ages 42-52)
(b. April 23, 1790 d. January 11, 1849)

GEORGE CROGHAN Age 25 (male between ~ages 20-30)
(b. November 15, 1791 d. January 8, 1849)

WILLIAM CROGHAN JR. Age 22 (male between ~ages 18-25)
(b. January 2, 1794 d. September 1850)

ANN CROGHAN Age 19 (female between ~ages 16-20)
(b. October 20, 1797 d. April 1846)

ELIZABETH (ELIZA) CROGHAN Age 15 (female between ~ages 12-16)
(b. April 9, 1801 d. July 12, 1833)

CHARLES CROGHAN Age 14 (male between ~ages 12-16)
(b. June 19 1802 d. October 1832)

NICHOLAS CROGHAN Age 14 (male between ~ages 12-16)
(b. June 19, 1802 d. May 1825) (twin brother of Charles)

EDMUND CROGHAN Age 11 (male between ~ages 10-15)
(b. September 12, 1805 d. September 1825)

NANNY THE COOK (African-American female)

BUTLER/HOUSE SLAVE (African-American male)

KITT Age ~46 (African-American male between ~ages 40-50)
(b c. 1770-c. 1835)

Clark Family and Close Friends

OWEN GWATHMEY Age 63 (male between ~ages 55-65)
(b. November 25,1753 d. December 1, 1830)

ANN CLARK GWATHMEY (m. Owen) Age 61 (female between ~ages 50-60)
(b. July 14, 1755 d. September 1822)

FANNY FITZHUGH Age 43 (female between ~ages 35-45)
(b. January 20, 1773 d. July 1825)

RICHARD CLOUGH ANDERSON Age 66 (male between ~ages 55-65)
(b. January 12, 1750 d. October16, 1826)

ANN MARSHALL ANDERSON Age 37 (female between ~ages 30-40)
(b. November 20, 1779 d. August 25, 1854)

RICHARD TAYOR Age 70 (male between ~ages 60-70)
(b. April 3, 1744 d. January 19, 1829)

SARAH TAYLOR Age 56 (female between ~ages 45-55)
(b. 1760 d. 1822)

ZACHARY TAYLOR (Son of Richard) Age 32 (male between ~ages 25-33)
(b. November 24, 1784 d. July 9, 1850)

MARGARET “PEGGY” TAYLOR(m. Zachary) Age 28 (female between ~ages 25-33)
(b. September 21, 1788 d. August 14, 1852)

SARAH BAILEY TAYLOR (Dau. of Richard) Age 17 (female between ~ages 15-19)
(b. 1799 d. )

EMILY RICHARD TAYLOR (Dau. of Richard) Age 15 (female between ~ages 13-17)
(b. 1801 d. )

DR. RICHARD FERGUSON Age 47 (male between ~ages 40-50)
(b. 1769 d.1853)

DR. HENRY MCMURTRIE Age 23 (male between ~ages 20-25)
(b. 1793 d. 1865)

AARON FONTAINE Age 63 (male between ~ages 55-65)
(b. November 30, 1753- d. April 1823)

JUDGE FORTUNATUS COSBY Age 49 (male between ~ages 40-50)
(b. December 20, 1767 d. October 19, 1846)

MARY ANN FONTAINE (m. Fortunatus) Age ~37 (female between ~ages 30-40)
(b. ca. 1779)

ELIZA SYDNOR COSBY (Dau of Fortunatus) Age 17 (female between ~ages 15-19)
(b. 1799 d. )

If you are interested AT ALL, please come out and give it a shot!!