Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is there such thing as Breechesbane? It's like Wolfsbane, but not.

Until the past few weeks, I have never made a pair of breeches in my life.  I had the ill-fated incident with the Jodhpurs, which made me vow to never sew for anyone again, especially pants.  But how can I say no to this?  
Lookit how good he looks.  Besides, he made my blog pretty.

He requested in his most winning manner if I could make him a royal navy uniform. Now, before this, I made him two 1812 waistcoats with very little fuss and bother – I like making those!  Be-crotched garments, on the other hand, not as much.  I had an inward battle with myself on whether or not to do it or to farm it out, but I was feeling cocky so guess where that landed me? Yep. Breeches town.

By now, I have gotten them drafted, mock up’d, fought with, put together with the unwavering help, patience, and humor of Mr. Ramsey, and am this week putting the finishing touches on them.  By that I mean buttons and button holes.  I hate button holes.  And no, I am not doing them by hand because unlike Mr. Ramsey, I do not have the amazing talent for hand-sewn ones.  So I opted for machine done.  One day I will make a new pair for the Doctor, and they will have hand done button holes.  Anyhow, back onto how evil button holes are. 
You are the devil.

Actually, let us go further back.  These breeches have been the complete BANE of my existence.  They have fought against being made more than anything else I have done.  It brings to mind this wonderful Mitch Hegberg joke about the one complicated payment in the four easy payments method.  This has been the complicated one.  Where everything has gone wrong.  Though no one got shot to death, and there was no wampum involved. 

So this is what I have had left to do; button holes on the knees, button holes on the waistband, button holes on the fall front, and then the eyelets in the back.  The Doctor is very good at sewing on buttons AND hand sewing eyelets, surprisingly.  So I make him do it whenever I can. 
The Doctor's black breeches, made by the amazing Lynn Graham, without them this would have been impossible.  Shown here displaying the extra at the bottom which goes under the knee band.
the sad extra tably bit. Technical term.
During the venture in the knee band area, I discovered after I cut off the first ones that the bottom did indeed need the extra tab under the band part, so that the band did not gap in a strange way and show off garter belt in stocking.  So I had the pleasure of throwing on some extra little pieces, that luckily are not seen at all unless you are playing around with the knee on the breeches.  And in that instance you better be my clone or ready to get your ass handed to you.  Or Mr. Ramsey, who at times has been very snug with the Doctor through this process.
Mr. Ramsey and the Doctor being cozy

I hope to get all the buttons I have sewn on tonight, and get some more cheapy ones from Joanne’s tomorrow to sew on the inside for his bracers.  I am so close I can taste it.  And I will never ever make another pair of breeches again.  Trousers?  Sure.  Breeches?  NO.

S. Stitchery.

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