Tuesday, April 10, 2012

-Tap tap- Is this thing on? Check?

You kids know what this means! I'M BACK! Yes, cower in fear, or jump for joy, or whatever else it is you feel like doing in this news.  I have a lot of things to share and a lot of things to post, I have a giant wardrobe for 1812 that needs to be fleshed out, idea-ized (yes that is a thing) and posted about.

I have realized, and at the recent urging of a lot of my wonderful costume friends, that I need a platform in which to organize my costume ideas, styles, plates, and extant garments to which the giant stack of fabric beside my sewing table needs to be made into.

I look forward to re-documenting my adventures, blood, sweat, tears, and rage (have I mentioned rage) that goes along with the sewing.

Oh yeah, and I live in Nashville, have an amazing boyfriend here, and take off my clothes in front of complete strangers for money (in a socially acceptable manner, of course.)  I have four beautiful wonderful pseudo step-daughters, and live probably the most wonderful and amazing life, EVER.

Love always, Me.

p.s. I got you interested in the taking off clothes thing, didn't I?  Here, you dirty pervs.


  1. Yay for taking your clothes off in public and sewing induced rage!

  2. Indeed! Now combine the two and I think I could have a really stellar reality show...