Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wrangling Wigs

I have finally migrated over to the dark (insane) side of wigs wigs wigs!

Since I recently chopped off what locks I had;


it was then time to delve into the world of wigs if I wanted to correctly keep costuming. After looking at Lauren's [] wig of great enormity I thought to myself well hey wigs aren't so bad!

...HAHAHAHAHAHAH I am obviously off my rocker. Maybe it was just the cheap ass [read: 28 dollars] wig that I purchased and received in an ENVELOPE. Maybe it is the fact I have no idea how to style hair, not even my own unless it involves the mass being shoved into a metric shit-ton of bobby pins.

Maybe it is just the fact that I need my partner in crime to help me wrangle.

Here is the scoop:

When I got it the wig was shoved into an envelope and pretty much flat. That was fun. Had to do some fluffling. Then I put the mass of shoulder length sausage ringlets on and went OH JESUS CHRIST I LOOK LIKE PREDATOR. No, really. I did.

Side note: This was tuesday night, before I had my wigblock.

I grabbed the mass of bobby pins I could find and made an attempt to wrestle the thing into some semblance of victorian grace and beauty.

Note: Attempt.

This is what I came out with on Tuesday night.

The 'bangs' that the wig had were some half hearted little scrap curls, so I just pulled them back into a little twist. The curls are really...fake looking. About that later.

For some reason, this side always looked better, more natural. Im not really sure WHY.

I look like Little bo peep.

So that was all Tuesday night. Yesterday I braved the bus and almost getting hit by a car a couple of times to go to the costume shop to get mself a wig block. [worth it.] After I got home i plopped my butt down and was determined to crank something out! So I started to experiment with up dos, half up dos, and whatever else I could think of. Sadly I didn't get enough pictures because during this I was recharging my camera batteries, little buggers.

The wig was made in such a way that made it nigh to impossible to pull the mass back from the forhead like a proper late 1800s updo. I tried to pull the bangs back to see what that would do.

Not so great, in practice. Theory, yes, reality, no.

So I took all that down and shook it out some more.

Then I noticed something; some of the curls were getting looser because of being twisted the other way.

IT. LOOKED. GREAT!!! So then i grabbed the head o-hair and proceeded in turning all the curls the wrong way to loosen them up and make them look less like dreds, because that was just terrible.

End result:

It looks much more natural and less sausage like. I also attempted to get some volume at the top because it was pretty much flat.

All in all I understand now that this is going to be quite a projet and a half. There will be many more attempts and now that I have my camera cable, more pictures of every step of the way.


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  1. "It looks much more natural and less sausage like."

    Question: What's wrong with making it more sausage like??

    Nothing that can be described as sausage like could be characteristically called the worst wig ever. I think it's awesome. AWESOME = INSTILLING A STATE OF AWE. YOUR WIG DOES THIS TO ME.