Monday, June 1, 2009

The one day fur partlet.

I'm going backwards and posting the finished pictures before i post the starting pictures.

Let me tell you something about cutting up old fur jackets. It makes the biggest mess you could even imagine. But more on that later, Like I said I'm going backwards.

So this is what an old rabbit fur jacket somehow turned into.

It still needs some adjustments, some trim, a broach, then it should be golden.

Im the pimp of the elizabethan world. As it is puffy.


  1. Very cute! Are fur partlets historically accurate (basically if it is before 1700 I have no idea)?

  2. You know I'm not 100 percent, but it doesn't seem like something that was never done back then, great way to keep warm, and it gets cold in london in the winter, im sure.

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  4. In your face Julia! BELETED!

    Nice job on the clothes crafting liv.. looking forward to seeing joo for the picnic day. ^_^

  5. Too little to late, on my part, but there is a "neatness" trick for cutting any type of fur.

    Flip it over and cut it with a razor blade. It cuts through the hide only, and leaves the fur intact. WAAAAAY fewer furry fly-aways. :D