Thursday, June 25, 2009

One thing gained, another lost

So I got my fabric in today.

Not much good that is going to do me because I no longer have a sewing machine to sew anything with. I was borrowing so I guess eventually I had to give it back.


So here at least are pictures of me burrowing in my six and a half yards of beautiful taffeta. ZOMG.

Its kind of pinkish in certain lights but back to the beautiful cinnamon in others

The lovely vine pattern oh it adds SO MUCH!

Joy is wallowing in brand new fabric.

Its now sitting in the trunk of my room mates car until the bedbugs have been done away with.


  1. oh love! Is that you tucked under the stuff in the top picture?

    Didn't know you could pick up internet in Anton's trunk...ver' interesting!

  2. Hahah it was put in the truck after these were taken, no i wasnt burried under in in the top picture bwahahahaha