Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cue the heavenly angels.

After what seemed like an eternity sans a sewing machine device maker thing, I now have a replacement that is MINE not one being borrowed as I have been doing pretty much since I started sewing.

(My mother was kind enough to let me borrow/give me hers. Too bad its broken.)

So here it is, the debut of the most amazing sewing machine I have ever had in my possession before.

This is my brand spanking new hasn't even been home for ten minutes Husqvarna Viking sewing machine.

It does pretty much anything on the face of the planet short of being an alarm clock and making me breakfast.


Enough decorative stitches to please me. This pleases me.

Ok, im done gloating

Please don't beat me partner in crime. You are the only other person on this planet who is allowed to even touch it.

And because I was just called 'an ungrateful little shit' I have to point out that Anton just purchased this for me, for a ridiculous amount of money, but I am paying him back of course.

He doesnt like me THAT much.



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  1. Wow, I am so jealous of all those fancy stitches! My Mom's beautiful (but fairly older) Bernina does less than half of those. How awesome to have a new machine all your own!