Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to vote because Maggie can't make up her own mind

I came up with some varying ideas for this stupid day dress that I want to make but have to be super trifty with the limited fabric that I have.

I have taken into account a few peoples suggestions and formulated four ideas-

The first idea I had in my last post, and number two is the same but with a tiered skirt, white plaid then white again, with the lavender ribbon edging them all.

The third, which is kind of the opposite of the first, the white on top adn plaid on bottom, and this last one which Im thinking might tie between the second and fourth, which is mostly white with the plaid under bodice, and the two [maybe three] flounces edged in the plaid fabric almost like flounce hem guards. so really, lets all just vote on two

Number 2

Or number 4?


  1. #4!!!! (no surprise!) Sorry for making you second-guess yourself!

    By the way - I'm going to direct some voters to your blog, so be prepared!

  2. #4. #2 is a close second. They're both darling! :D

  3. I like #1 because it gives the illusion of multiple pieces layered -- a white underskirt, a plaid overdress and a white jacket.

    I LOVE the plaid fabric!

  4. Any of those will be darling...but I like number one the best.
    Happy sewing!

  5. Wow, I'm the first one to like number 3? Seriously though, they are all very cute. My sis says number 1 is the best.

    I like 3 because it has a plaid jacket, which looks so cute over the white waistcoat.