Friday, July 17, 2009

Adding to the amount of projects with creeping deadlines

Since Golden Gate Ren Faire was canceled this year, it opened up the PEERS edwardian picnic for us on August first.

Guess who didn't have any semblance of a costume and is a freak about having them?

Yeah, this chick. Thankfully, I bought some nice floaty sheer printed cotton at the antique trade show in Alameda, which will make a very nice edwardian blouse. The patterns are in the mail, and cream colored cotton and snow white lace need to be bough stat.

Here are the sketches.



The sheer fabric has these little orange flowers and black polka dots, so i devided to make the wait cincher i black. I might just make it out of the white lace or if i can match the orange in the flowers then that too, but for now its black.


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  1. And this is for the Music Man Picnic? It's really pretty, though I am not very familiar with that period. Very elegant. :D