Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm already over halfway there!

It is a known fact that there is no priority over sewing with a creeping deadline. Like food or sleep.

So I have been working tirelessly on this blouse, since I need it by the first..That is devilishly close at hand!

Last night I told myself I would work on it right when I got home! By work on it right when I got home I mean take a nap. So post nap and post nomming of edibles as quickly as possible I went back to work. It was time to mount the one finished sleeve I had onto the actual body of the blouse.

But before that here are some pictures of what the sleeve looks like completed and waiting to be mounted

Side note: It is SO ODD working with a shirt that is not structured at all.

Ok now that those are out of the way It was mounting time. The sleeves are curved. Guess who didn't pay too much attention to that one. So I ended up staring at the mirror going WHY IS THIS SLEEVE SUDDENLY SO SHORT?!?

This does not compute.

So I held it up and noticed..oh...Wrong side. So that was a minor set back but I finally got the little bastard on the right side.

Sewed that bad boy on. Rinse. Repeat!

I was mondo pleased when I got to put it on finally.

Its just pinned closed right now and gathered up so i dont look like a balloon.

SLEEVES!! THEY WORKED!! that to me was the pinnacle of this garment, the big drapey sleeves. It looks a little silly right now because I don't have on the belt or the skirt.

Now all that is left is making the buttons to close this bad boy, then making the false front as shown on the picture then the belt!! Im thinking I should be done by early next week. I better be considering the picnic is a week from tomorrow!!


  1. It looks SOOOOOO gorgeous!!!! If anyone can pull off monster Edwardian poofiness, it's you and your teeny tiny frame. Still planning on flat lace? I suppose you could add it later if you don't find any before the 1st...

  2. At some point. I know that hancock has some nice lace that isnt gathered on one side

  3. That is so gorgeous! I really, really want to make monster edwardian poofiness now!

  4. Wow, that is so spectacular! I'm really liking this time period, and your fabric is perfect. Have fun at the event, you are sure to look stunning!