Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The secret I couldn't keep a secret

In other words it is a regency gown with Egyptian esque influences for the next picnic, and for gaskells as a backup random handy ball gown.

I was at hancocks the other day and realized that I should see what I can do with the Egyptian theme. I also had been hankering for that simplicity regency pattern, so I put two and two together.

Then found this STUNNING FABRIC that screamed make me into a regency ballgown. And then though black trims. Win win win win.

Now to be attacked with pictures!

Of course I have family guy on in the back ground. This is post construction as a whole, as in buttons, sleeves finished and the ribbon. [Hemming always comes last.]

Back view!

So that was just when I had it wearable, now i've been trimming it out like nuts, shown here late last night

Just the thing on a whole, the trim detail around the bust is not done yet so that is why it looks odd.

Detail shots....



Under bust detail



Things that you can't see;

The back is a little bit longer, making a tiny itty bitty train because I like things like that, and horribly done hand sewn button holes because i didnt want to make buttons and loops.

I'm also in the process of of making a sewin in petticoat, or hanging lining so that I don't have to scrounge regency under things.

It is very near to completion, then the crazy summer dress can start!


  1. Adorable! You picked a great fabric!

  2. How charming! Is that the Simplicity/Sense and Sensibility pattern?

  3. It is! Simplicity has come through this one time hahaha

    I did have to lower the neckline, though that is the natural neckline in the first shot.

  4. Ooooh! I love it!!!! So chic!!! And, as Lauren says, you have the perfect Regency figure!