Friday, July 31, 2009

The Two-Week-Edwardian is done!

Well, as done as it can be for maggie. There is only a minor amount of hand sewing of the lace that is left.

I'm sorry I have been a super slacker in posting anything. I will tell you why in pictures! For some reason I have documentation of this.


Ikea is the devil.

This is a dresser. It took me two days to build.

By by jove I did it.

And then this happened.

That would be me. Sick as a dog. Snuggled on the couch in the middle of summer. Hello misery. Thank you Anton, for taking this lovely shot. Notice the edwardian blouse draped not so gracefully on the arm there. There was an attempt!

(side note: God my apartment is a wreck still. Stupid bedbugs.)

Anyhow, after I recovered I got back to work FURIOUSLY and tadaaaa! It is done!

Now I just need to fish my hat out of out little outside cabinet.

And re sculpt my wig very carefully.


  1. So gorgeous! You look so stunningly period!

  2. that is one Edwardian-sized waist...

  3. Ooo Maggie, that is amazing. You rock. :D (Ha, the dresser looks good too, by Jove indeed)

  4. Oh wow, you must've worked like a demon!! And being ill too. Hope it wasn't swine flu! Excellent end result - oh how I wish I could get time to learn to sew!