Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bouncing in time: 1850's Summer Dress, Final Edwardian shots

I am experiencing polar opposite sewing projects. The two week Edwardian went together so well it was INSANITY. Something I had never had happen before.

However, this combined three simplicity pattern dress, not so hot. I keep taking two steps forward one back. Also, there is so much needed for the skirt panels I am utterly baffled. I think I have maybe HALF of what I need? Christ.

Anyhow, first up. This is what I have gotten done so far on my VicPic 1850's summer dress.

This is what I have left to sew. You can't tell but there are..oh..16+ panels in white and 30 of the strip panels that will go on each flounce. This pattern is odd in the sense it wants me to pretty much just cut a bunch of squares. No. I didnt match up the plaid. I'm a bad girl like that.

Also shown are the sleeves and cuffs.

Bodice mostly done I have to finish the front edged and put boning in and sew on the purple bias tape. So far so good. Looking very...well..Young victorian girl like. /vomit. I hate it yet I love it all at once, hahaha.

Here is the horribly mangled back. I really cannot explain to you how bonkers this pattern is. How the back is sewn is some stupid method that makes little to no sense, so I did the bed I could. Not I have all this pinching and pulling and insanity that I have to pick out and somehow hand sew down..then cover with buttons and a bow. Ha.

Now for the good stuff; the finished Edwardian in action

Good view of the GLORIOUS HAT that I am insanely proud of.

Close up of the neat belt that was almost like wearing a second corset.

I seem to really like standing with my arms folded.

Not a very detailed picture but it works.

Im actually smiling

I dont know why these pictures came out so small and blurry but ok. Neat car out front.

All photos nabbed Courtesy of Lauren Reeser! woot.


  1. I love the Edwardian and the hat! Good luck with your Victorian. Those things do take insane amount of fabric!

  2. What's wrong with the back of the Victorian? It looks normally constructed to me....did you slip the curved seams enough? It's vital for it laying flat...

  3. I utterly love the stomacher/belt thingie. I so have to come out to Calif and get you and Lauren to sew me into some of your lovely creations so I can look that thin too! Us Scots would probably look like elephants compared to the slyph-like figures you all have!!