Saturday, August 15, 2009

I wash my hands of you, but want to spoon you tonight.


I will be the big spoon.

I dressed in quite a hurry for this quick photoshoot hot off the sewing machine after hemmed.

You get the idea of it, though.

Full view, me lookin crabby cause im hot and tired aya!!

There are lump and tugs and pulls because i hadnt stuffed my bust yet so its falling a bit flat. I should have interfaced the plaid middle but I was hasty and lazy. Haste makes waste!! But it will be ok.
(click on it for a better view.)

Shot of the side for the bows on the shoulders

Back shot, ignore that row there flipped up a little, didn't get tugged down by my photographer, bah :).

Close up of the bodice after i stuffed the bust. damn small bewbs.

Close up of the bow and broach, and an obvious view of me dressing in a haste. I didnt even make sure my collar was fully out, jees.

I am so suprised after I fixed the skirt how fast and well it went together!! Quite proud of it, i must say.

Leimomi, I owe you BIG TIME! Thank you so much for your impeccable eye for design

love tons



  1. Awww…thank you! It did come together fabulously! You look just like a big meringue! I'm so envious that you finished this before I got my big poofy 1850s dress done!

  2. Splendid job! And thanks for the detailed photos of the construction, they will be a big help. :-D The Easter Cupcake Strikes Back!

  3. OK, now I totally have to know. What were you watching when you took the pics? I was looking at the large version and trying to figure it out! That guy has an awesome hat...

  4. OH MY HEACK!!! That is completely awesome!!! You are an incredible seamstress!!! What a feat of accomplishment. You should be so proud

  5. Very pretty. You are so talented I wish I had half your talent.

  6. That is just beautiful! When I was younger, much younger, I secretly wanted to live in that era so I could wear pretty dresses like that!

  7. Leimomi; I was watching I think the history of tattoos on the history channel, it just so happens that willie nelson popped up on my screen.

    Tv makes sewing a heck of a lot easier, crazy old country singers or not.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress! You've got the perfect figure for all that skirt!