Thursday, August 20, 2009

The creation of Abigail.

I. Have. A dress form.

I am so excited by this I can hardly stand it! The ease of fitting, the ease of hemming the ease of EVERYTHING.

Not so much the ease of getting her from point a to point b. Thanks to my lovely partner in crime, somehow the job got done. With lots of hilarious pictures.

So, as most of you know, Uniquely you dress forms kick ass but they dont start out as ass kicking.

They start out as demonic torpedo tits ladies. with a sock.

Much like that.

LOOK AT THEM HONKERS. If anyone has boobs that looked anything like this I may just die.


Then came the fun part of spending a while ripping seams and refitting the dern thing to SKIN TIGHTITUDE.

Which ensued with much laughter and such.

Walking at this point was very hard.

But somehow I was still having fun. How can you not have fun when Miss American Duchess is around!?!? It is impossible.

So sadly, there are no pictures of the event that was stuffing Abby into this now fitted stuffed sock. Event is a light way of putting it but it did involve a pair of pliers and grunting and comparing to birthing a child.

The end result was nice and now i have something like this

It is somewhat loose down there around the thigh area because the foam does not accommodate for quad muscles and the...abnormal size of my thighs in comparison to the rest of me XDXD.

I also learned a couple of things about my body:

my back dips in CONSIDERABLY when i stood up right between my shoulder blades and again lower down. Also I naturally stand tilted to the left. This i did not realize until Lauren kept yelling at me to stand up straight when I thought I was.


But anyhow I have a dress form and am happy and she us currently dressed up in my day dress.

Scared the crap out of me in the middle of the night.

Ah. So much better.



  1. That is hilarious! Those boobs are something else! You need to tell people why she is named Abigail though And the Evil Easter Vic dress is sooooooo gorgeous!

  2. Yay for dress forms! And DO tell us why you named her Abigail. I thought I was a weirdo for naming them, but apparently it is not uncommon. My sis and I have had a Miss Jessel, Millie, and now there is Mrs. Peel. :D (Miss Jessel tried to kill Sarah. Dress forms can be scary)

  3. DOOOOM.

    I named her Abagail originally because I love the name, then AlohaAroha told me that Abigial meant lady's servant or maid, and that made INCREDIBLE sense I kept it!!

    She has yet to kill me though fighting her into the sock was something else.

  4. I suppose those forms would have been advantageous to anyone costuming Madonna awhile back!

    Great job with your new form!

  5. This post made me laugh so hard -- the parts about Abby's boobage and the effort it took to get her in the cover :)