Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have not died!!

So, my life suddenly got very very complicated. I not only work 8 hours a day starting at 7:15 I also now have class four days out of the week until about ten. I have not had time to do ANYTHING. I have also had some terrible changes at work that have made it hard on my entire department, bedbug inspections, and a stolen bike.

So I have found a few minutes right now to shoot y'all an update about the two boxes of free fabric I scrounged!!

It was really neat, a block away from the boy's parent's house there was a yard sale with boxes and boxes and BOXES of fabric from a theater company that went out of business. All of it FREE!!! So I sifted through it all for a good half an hour, and now I am going to share the fun with you.

About a half a yard of the perfect color velveteen I need for my dickens dress. Not enough to do a lot with but I will think of something.

The perfect cream colored lace with little pearls. There is a really large amount of this and guess what: FOX BUSTLE GOWN.

maybe a quarter of a yard of this beautiful white eyelet lace that is good for something dickens y

over a yard of nice black uphostery velvet or a heavier velveteen..i dunno..its nice though.

About half a yard of nice grey wool

Nice poly silk, texture is really neat and the weight is nice. I feel some 18th c stays.

This is my FAVORITE. It is this beautiful tealy blue, only a yard and half give or take. I wish there was more!!! It is a large waled corduroy.

At least three yards of this interesting upholstery fabric. Will most likely be turned into the boy's quilted elizabethan fencing doublet.

very thinned waled corduroy in black, love love love it.

Light tan velveteen

Adorable cotton maybe a yard of it. I know this is eventually going to make some cute underwear, corset or something. If enough I would love to make a great little jacket of some sort, but probably a corset and edge some bloomers.

Random brown gaberdine yay.

Random yellow and yellow satin

Black satin

I nammed a whole bunch of this tie silk stuff, i see a steampunky vest in my future.

Lot of white linen mmm

Even more eyelet cotton!!

ANd last but not least some nice grey green wool.

Nice beef up to my stash, I have to say. Honestly I would have loved to take all of it, but that was over 20 boxes!!

Oh also I kind of threw this together,

The truly victorian late 1800s corset.

My life is insanity. I will update about the fox gown mock up as soon as I am able. Needless to say its been a bitch.

Well, Cheers!


  1. I am officially overly, uncontrollably, and inconsolably JEALOUS of you!!!!!

    That teal-green stuff looks like cut velvet, as opposed to corduroy, since the wales are really REALLY wide.

    Jean of Festive Attyre did a fantastic doublet out of cut velvet, though the wales were not as wide. Still...could be an idea :-)

  2. *Dreams of being as lucky as Maggie* I am SO jealous. White linen, green-gray wool, tan velveteen.... and the boys fencing jacket sounds perfect. And a Steampunky vest, yay! (Still has so much work to do on her steampunk outfit) Go you!

  3. Score! What awesome collection of yummy pogey bait! I particularly envy the linen...

    That corset is fab, but totally making me dizzy!

  4. Bwahahhaa the insane corset. I tried to make something as ridiculous as possible, to match the fox gown mock up/sweeny todd ball gown.