Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Casa Ren faire =NO SEWING

Which for once I really have no problem with, I've been tired.

So this past weekend I was at Casa de Ren Faire in Gilroy CA. I got a chance to wear my silk french cut bodice and now am going to show it off, sans sleeves as it was too damn hot.

Also; Owl.

His name was Bubby and despite the look of terror on my face he was very sweet and like to be pet and cuddled.

Better shot of the bodice and my owly.

He looks so..owl like, and i look so...flabbergasted because I very much was. I almost crapped my pants. THIS WAS A DREAM PEOPLE.

Nice view of the whole thing, cept I wish I could get a full frontal. Ha. I said full frontal.

Oh by the way this was the first thing I ever sewed in my life, though since its been adjusted but nothing major has changed. Sigh I will always have a special place in my heart for this gown.

Expect updates on the foxy gown soon.


  1. Oh, I think an owl makes a very good accesoar. :-)

  2. Owls! They are so....... inscrutable. You just never know what they are thinking, though this one is probably thinking "wow, this chick is well dressed". Love the outfit, this is the look I want to make for myself. Looks quite comfy, too. :D

  3. That owl is awesome! I want to cuddle it! And your dress is darn impressive!

  4. I love Owly. There's a company here that often shows off their wild birds at the local mall. I got to hold a golden eagle once - it weighed a stone!! Beautiful but heavy beast! Does anyone in your circle of friends do falconry?