Monday, September 14, 2009

Bows on Bustles BONANZA!

The sweeny todd mock up is about finished, all I have been working on at this point are finishing touches in the forms of trims. I first started with some little black silk flowers I intended to scatter around the bodice front and back, but after sewing a few on I realized they looked incredibly like..BUGS. Which while I am going for a dark torn down look I don't really want people whacking my bosom and rear goign AUGH BUGS.

I ended up scrapping this idea and replaced it with; you guessed it: BOWS.

I love bows. I really do. I stuck some pins around the from apron of the skirt to see what I could come up with for placement, then counted how many pins I had and tied some lovely bows.

In the end I ended up shortening the front bows tails on the bodice. I spent my lunch sewing on wee little bows and I have to say I like it to much better. I love it when costumes speak to me!

I also had to tack down some pleats and bunch some things and tug and pull to finally get the tail to fall in the correct position. I also ended up putting another bow between those two yellow pins on the rump there.

Now the last but not the least thing by far is the hat! Which I will be starting on tonight considering really everything else of the dress is done. Cept dying the underskirt.



  1. Oh, bustle! Did you mention what pattern you are using? I'm in the market for a good 1880's style bustle dress. Love the bows!

  2. So cute! I love the back, and the cut of the front bodice!

  3. I used two truly victorian ones, the 1880s ball gown and the 1880s waterfall overskirt patterns!

  4. Just so everyone is clear, the front of the bodice is not closed all the way!!