Monday, August 10, 2009

Epic slackertude.

So I had a whole weekend to pretty much dick around and do nothing but sew

However I really just did nothing in general. Besides get tipsy at one in the afternoon. Mmmm mimosa.

Ayhow, I did get a little done, like the first row of ruffles on the vicpic dress and the bodice finished and purchase new glasses.

I'll bore you with the dress though.

Got the sleeves with the cuffs all finished. Mostly, anyhow, I need to add a strip of the purple bias tape around the top to tie it all in, then add the bows on the shoulders and the buttons. Its closed by hook and eye tape, however.

So much fabric into such a wee little space. So the first row is all sewn into the skirt base. I put them on over my newly purchased hoops, which after putting them on I discovered desperately needed to be..readjusted lest I look like the satire fashion plates.

They are very large.

I'm hoping to get more work done today on this silly thing, like the last of the rows sewn at least together. Gathering up all of that fabric is killing me.


  1. It looks fab! The colours are fantastic!

    I notice you are working from the top down. I always figured from the bottom up would be easier!

    For gathering, I highly recommend either cartridge pleats (they sound evil, and it is a lot of hand-sewing, but they are actually easier than machine gathers), or string gathering. String gathering is 100% historically accurate, and a million times easier than thread gathering for huge amounts of fabric. Just fold the top of your fabric over and sew a strong string or cord just a bit longer than you want the finished (gathered) length to be into the channel, as if you were making piping but not that tight. Pull the cord to gather the fabric as you sew.

    I'll do a tutorial when my current madness is over.

  2. I heard about the string gathering from Lauren and oh let me tell you for the two bottom rows that are INSANELY larger than the top I will be using that method. Arg! Almost done though.

    Sometimes I work from the bottom up, the elizabethans are skirt first. I never really have a set method for where I start, I often bounce back and forth from bottom top bottom top, but in a lot of cases the top beats the bottom for ease.

    You my dear, are A WORK O HOLIC I am in love with that robe though, I have got to say. Can't wait to see what Mr dreamy come sup with!

  3. Maggie, do you still want the huge hoop my sister bought by mistake? If so, we can bring it to Gaskells this weekend. If you don't need/want it, do you know anyone else who does? (Sarah could always re-list it, too)

  4. I had totally forgotten about the giant hoop offer and bought a pair recently (BAD MAGGIE!!)

    So far, though, I can't think of anyone who may need them just yet, but if I hear anything I shall let you know first!

  5. Darn you Maggie, now what are we supposed to do with this huge thing? lol it's okay, really. Like I said, there is always eBay if all else fails. The outfit is looking good, by the way!

  6. You can wear it on your head and scare bears away..or large cats

  7. Awww man...I want a huge hoop! How much to ship it to NZ?

  8. Sarah tells me it would cost $10 to $20 US dollars to ship, plus $35 for the hoop itself, which is enormous. If you are coming to a future event at Peers or Gaskells, we would be happy to hand deliver it to you, plus that way you could decide if you liked it etc.

    (This is going to sound really dumb, but I can't seem to find a way to contact you other than posting a reply to one of your posts..... Is there a "Send AlohaAroha a message" option somewhere that I am not seeing?)