Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bit -o- Progress.

Been working in small bits on the massive flounced day cupcake. My motivation comes and goes and the most in opportune times, I swear.

Anywho I spent two days and some more money on the skirt flounces which my knees hate my for. There is no comfortable position to do this process if you are a broken old crazy lady like me.

So this was the very long part

I took each of the panels (thats two shown there) and attached the plaid hem guard right side to the right side on the panel, then I will fold it over and hem both pieces, just like I did my Elizabethan hem guard. Just in a bigger way.

I stupidly didn't cut out the skirt pattern piece for the UNDERPART of the skirt that the flounces were attached to, so I improvised and took the skirt that when with the bodice pattern and will use that as a base, shown crumpled up here. Why I didn't take a picture of it laid out is beyond me.

Lump of skirt.

Now the tricky thing is, this under skirt is curved while the pattern underskirt was a big tube. Oh well, I will take some advice from a GENIUS and an awesome human and I will Make It Work.

So now all that is left to do is iron down all the plaid strips, baste em down and then sew all the panels together for the tiers, hem them, and gather them all to fit into the skirt. This is going to be incredibly tricky since I don't have a dress form. Will have to do this last step before the skirt is sewn up the back seam.

In other news, at the lovely fabs r us, I found my Dickens fabric!!

Lovely Olive green taffeta at dirt cheap a yard. Got the rest of it which was just over 8 yards. Not going to be NEARLY ENOUGH but I will find a way to make it work. I can always go back and get more, they did say they were going to get more...and the bodice idea is changing. Now I have to go to hancock to get the lovely velveteen that is NOT dirt cheap a yard but at least I don't need NEARLY as much of it.



  1. The big frilly cupcake dresses are a headache aren't they! I need to get back to mine, but I am too busy working on 18th century stuff.

    8 yards should be enough for a proper Dickens dress - 6 yards of skirt and 2 of bodice. Just go with a really simple skirt. And it is perfectly accurate to have a jacket out of different fabric.

    Are you playing a character? Who? I'm so envious that you guys have so many costume events!

  2. I have my dress design for my dickens dress already lines up that is the same skirt as this frilly one I am making--just in different fabric. I willpost pictures!!

    So far I dont have an ACTUAL dickens char lined but, but I am working it at the fencing club as Miss Margaret Merryfox!