Friday, August 14, 2009

Vicpic dress, now in evil flavor!

Just another example of when I should listen to my gut when I KNOW I am taking a short cut and it is going to cause problems in the end. Cause it does.

So after the first tier was sewn on, it was time for the second. It was getting difficult because of the skirt base being ALREADY GATHERED because I am an idiot and started from the top and..well now that I look back on it I cannot for the life of me figure out my thought process.

So I had me one hell of a time trying to lay the already gathered skirt base flat and trying to gather and pin a straight row on a curved base.

Needless to say it was a horrible failure and it came out in a pretty squiggly sewn on line, not nice and straight. I deserved that.

So for the third row I got smart and tried to find a way to put the skirt on over my hoops and sew on the last row like that! Genius!

So I put em over a lamp. Go lamp.

So while it was up there i thought to pin and tack all the mess ups on the second row so it was at least straight..ish..

SO then it was time to sew on the third row. I had some trouble with this, gathering, trying to pin it so I thought I had a genius idea by pinning the ends to the ends of the skirt base and gathering it ONTO the skirt base so it would be straight and i didnt have to try and keep the gathers even and pin

Great idea in my head and it really did hold straight...but when i sewed it it pulled another giant squiggly line. At that point I was very tired and frustrated so I went to bed.

And in the shower yesterday morning I had an epiphany

In the end it was best to rip them all off and start over. Hey at least the most time consuming parts were already done, the sewing the squares together and the hem guards on all the squares.

So I started over and this time do it the RIGHT WAY with a rectangular skirt base.

One fourish yard rectangle of pink fabrics.

This time, I started from the BOTTOM row and went up from there

As well as using the rectangle to keep it flat and straight I pinned the holy christ out of it, and pinned em horizontally and just sewed below them so I didnt have to take them out every three seconds, and it worked out AMAZINGLY.

I now have one giant curtain. I did also gather up the waist line. I contemplated binding all the edges in the purple bias tape. While that would look really great, my time-line is fast approaching..annnnd I am really lazy. My crave for excess might beat out my sense in this matter but I guess we shall see!!

Also, for something completely different, a couple of charming pictures of my neighborhood on a beautiful august evening. I took them on my way home from college.

(please forgive the blurriness.)


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  1. Bottoms up is definitely the way to go! It's looking fantastic though...can't wait to see it all done!