Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flyin' Foxy

I've been catching this horrible cold, but while its miserable when its 60 degrees outside, it makes me low key and able to tolerate the diddly crap in sewing, like pearls and pinning and hand tacking things.

So monday night since I skipped class I did some more work and started my waterfall overskirt which by now is near completion, YAY!

It went so much better this second time around with the waterfall pleats and I love how it is hanging. The fabric also falls nicer than the cotton, which was a bit stiff. I have found that this silk with the embroidered vines is positively a dream to work with!

I could have gotten a better picture but this shows reasonably how its hanging, over my big ol bustle butt.

I shortened up the apron in the front by a good 6 inches about. You couldn't tell though now because my dress form is midget sized, god damnit. How am I supposed to hem things now?!? I never even got a chance to hem anything because the stupid crap broke before I got a chance to.

/grumble. Anyhow, the shorter length in the front I feel looks nicer in the end.

This fabric falls much better than the other fabric did, as well, the swags look so much better.

Anyhow, the whole thing is coming together in my mind very well.

Now I just need to make the fearful trek into the mask on my own, im terrified. Time to bother the people at michaels and see if any of them know wtf they are talking about.

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