Friday, October 30, 2009

Fox Costume: DAYBEW!

Done done done done done FINALLY. I have no NO idea how it all came together or when but suddenly magically it was there!

The dance was a blast and the woodland duo was the talk of town, sort of speak.

Now to bombard the lot of you with pictures.

Unfortunately, I got no shots of the flowers I sewed into my wig, or of the train down, of of the back, but I am re wearing this to vampyrs!!

I will do the award thingy some other time, Eventually XD


  1. Wow, great job, you look gorgeous! What a fun idea to take an animal and make a dress, I love it!

    PS Just discovered your blog and I'm very inspired. Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Glad I can corrupt more of the costuming youth, hahaha

  3. So gorgeous! I am so envious - both of how amazing you look, and that you get to go to Gaskell's and Peers!

  4. So pretty, I love this dress. You looked stunning, both you and the Duchess. :D You made me like bustles when I've always thought they were icky! :P