Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok, Ok I'm back, by kind of popular demand

I know, I am a horrible person and deserve a sound beating (please be gentle) but with all the insanity of the holiday season, Dickens faire, and recovering I fell out completely with my costuming. I'm sure by now many of my 'rabid' fans have already seen the dickens dress, but if not let me be of service to provide photos.

Ta da, I really did crunch it as close as physically possible, holy fuck. Also, sorry I had minimal use of any camera so I couldn't really get any pictures during the making process. Pretty simple though, I just combined a few simplicity patterns and pulled my hair out working with velvet and done. One thing that I am very proud of though is the binding I did of the bottom because it was already too short to turn under bias method.

So using some creative juices paid off there. I learned two very important lessons while making this gown. Velvet is evil, and velvet with silk is even more evil. It slides EVERYWHERE. I now trust the value of hand basting anything. Like the darts.

The gown held out all run of dickens fair very well, surprisingly, and only on the last weekend did my hook and bar become a little loose and therefore required some safety pin and snazzy friends. Now, for some pictures of it IN ACTION!

Oh yeah, I also fully decorated the burgundy bonnet blank and made that totally faux fur lined cape. That was fun. Not. But at least it turned out alright.

Guess what I am working on there? Thats right, BALL GOWN BODICE!!! Because I am insane and needed a ball gown bodice to match the skirt for the during Dickens gaskells.

This is from the gaskells

and then for the twelfth night peers, i added to it a bit

And added some gold rose trim! Hey look boyfriend!

Now, if you guys hold tight, tomorrow will be an update on the magic of a newly one 18th century ensemble, DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

Sorry I just don't have the time right now for a double header so enjoy the 19th century joy.


  1. Maggie! You came back! *hugs* SO glad you stared the blog back up, you are truly an inspiration. :D Love the gown, by the way. :)

  2. Those colours are just beautiful, and you look stunning in the dress!
    Congrats on getting a ball gown bodice done as well!
    Really, truly lovely!

  3. Thank you very much ladies, It was a feat and a half (whew)

  4. Georgous gowns, you are so pretty!