Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so so sorry tiny wee fan base!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, between misplacing my camera, then the camera cable, then the camera again, not even getting sewing done and the insanity of work and school I havn't even had time to BREATHE!!

But now I can. And while breathing I will update on my two time sensitive projects.

Anton's Doublet!

This is what I had as of the pictures taken (but in real like I have the skirting on the bottom sewn on too as well as the shoulder caps. )



I did all the buttons as well, six sets of two down the front (two space, two space, two space etc etc.). The biggest problem I am having with this doublet, is trimming it! I have a velvet ribbon in dark brown and in creamy yellow, but nothing seems to work with the fabric.

So mutually Anton and I decided to just forgo the trim for now, and I get to have free leway with sewing the pearls on. Come on, hes nobility. He gets pearls. And a ruff. (which I believe I will make out of the brown velvet. )

So that is that, the construction is done, now I just need to trim it and get up to date pictures.

So for the foxy bustle gown. I was such a slow poke about the bodice. Then out of no where BAM it was one, then BAM the parlor skirt, then BAM the apron, and im tilting my head going..where did this come from? Not nothing but the parlor skirt and kind of the bodice are totally wearable yet, and I dont have pictures of the apron.

But I will give pictures of what I have so far!

Mmm silky and pretty. That silk makes that parlor skirt fall beautifully!

Sans bustle pad.

I still have to hem it and add all the decorations to it.


All of that beautiful trim looks much better in person, the pearls really stand out.

A little better.

If I get done ahead of schedule I think I am going to add some little jet beats and little pealrs randomly on the vines on the bodice and apron. I mean really spaced out though, just to add that wow detailed interest.

Im ahead of time anywho, strangely.

Oh yeah and my dress form broke. Now I can't raise her to my height. Cheap ass mechanism.


  1. Oooh, I like the foxy dress! I think that Kendra had problems with her dressform too, and found a way to fix it - or maybe it was Sarah at Mode Historique.

  2. zomfg! I know per that picture message you sent me that you have a LOT more done already. WANT BLOG PICS! I can't wait to see this done. Your Sweeny Todd mockup looked amazing, and I know this foxy gown is going to knock everyone's socks off!! Plus you can wear it as a ballgown normally (unlike a certained feathered mass I know someone is making...)

  3. Oo, lovely! the doublet is awesome as it is, with the pearls and all. And the Foxy Lady Dress is looking good, I can't wait to see it after seeing the Sweeney Todd dress. :D