Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Regency Wardrobe Frenzy: Alterations make for a brand new dress!

Instead of being smart and leaving a perfectly good dress alone to be wearable for the event, I decided I wasn't satisfied with the neckline and the entire look of the gown.

Here: Reference shots.

Just a basic boat neck. seemed kind of boring so, I wanted a wrap front which seemed better with the sleeves and such. Please forgive the hat. It makes the baby jesus cry.
So after taking out all the gathering stitches and staring at it figuring out what I wanted to do, I said "Eff it!" and slit it right down the middle and mucked around a bit with it.

In the end, I got the desirable result: A faux wrap front gown:

To get the desired look I just had to get really creative with pins and some hand sewing.

I think after I make sure the top and bottom are sewn down Ill take out the stitches down the middle to make it look like a real faux wrap.
Now onto the white gown! Which has allll been cut out.


  1. oh it looks lovely! I will admit I had my doubts, but you've worked it so nicely :-) can't wait to see photos of it on