Monday, August 23, 2010

The Regency Wardrobe Frenzy: Ethereal Voile Maddening Madness

The work on the second gown, the snow white voile over ivory base is starting to come together, and after three times of regathering the bodice parts I ballsed up and said "Lets sew this bad boy." And I did.

And so far, the gathers have held wonderfully! Lets break it down to a play by play.

I started with the ivory base, the pattern for the regency bodice that was more fitted and not the gathered one and did what gathering I had to do under the bust to make it fitted.

I had to do some strange tucks in the neckline because this pattern always has strange fit problems, but after the outer fabric went on you couldn't tell. Also nicely, since the under fabric is so stiff, it crates more va va voom in the bust line as Mrs. M calls it.

As for the outer fabric it took me a few times to figure out how I want to gather it, and finally decided to just gather it all the way across, as it is still a period technique, and makes the fabric look lovely.

I think I need to go back though and tone down some of the puffiness.

I also decided I wanted to do some interesting things with the back so I made the edges longer and threw some gathering stitches in the back edges just for some visual interest.

They kind of came out, though not as I had in my mind, also the sewing machine kind of mucked them all up.

I am thankfully on task for this outfit so far, though I didn't get any work done today.

Instead this is what I did:



  1. It's looking good! And I love the archery pic. Glad you had fun!

  2. i think the dressis looking GRRRREAT. I know how frustrating it can be. Love the archery pic. you go!