Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Regency Wardrobe Frenzy: One thing down...However much else left, I've lost count.

The stays, finally, are finished! They work wonderfully and were not terribly difficult to make. After finally getting everything cut out, I mucked around with darts, had little problem with that then came doing the boning channels (hur hur.)

Ideally I would have hit the boning channels in between fabrics but I darted all the fabric down into one, so this was the last option. It's the inside, though, and if there are any underwear snarks, well then they need to not be looking at my underwear. Quite frankly the only ..people who are going to be seeing my skivvies will appreciate them as is.

I had a little trouble sewing the channels as the bias tape was shredding and almost the channels were too small but I went back and hand sewed where I needed to go. Then with the help of magical roomy Amy, I was laced in and UH WOW. HI.

They work. Needless to say. Going to enhance just a big but I don't think too much.

So tada! Stays!! Now onto the rest of everything else I need to do. Up next? White batiste gown with ivory underlayers.

Gonna be sweeeet.

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