Thursday, April 30, 2009

The doublet is FINISHED. Well for the most part.

The only good thing that ever came out of having food poisoning was masses of hours bedridden to do the last of the hand sewing. Needless to say my doublet construction wise is finished. I know that somewhere down the road there is going to be various beading because I have issues.

Anyhow, without further ado; here is the cursed thing.

Lots of trim, lots of tabs, and a lot of blood sweat and tears, let me tell you. I want to beat it!! But after looking at these pictures I do see how lovely it is. And with the skirts oh it is fantastic. Oh wait!!

There tis!! Even wearing my Chemise underneath because I rock like that. The sleeves are not shown in this picture because I'm not done with those buggers..they are eating trim. I need more. Again. [I know its insanity.]

Regardless, the whole ensemble look
s halfway decent if I say so myself. Really. I do love it. Like the red headed step child it is. With all of its strange fit issues and beting into submission. I need to adjust my reds and blues, then I will have three gowns! Hooray.

Here, I will indulge all of you and let you observe my sleeves in their un done state.

Yes I noticed that the right sleeve top is longer than the left. Dont worry, I fixed that post this picture being taken. I'm placing the collar trim around the top and bottom of the upper sleeves...I just ran out after the first sleeve. So, I have tube sleeves in a whol new manner. Thank you Italians!

Now for something that hasn't really been shown; My regency gown! These were taken by the lovely Lauren and our friend Paul Garber at the last Gaskells event.

That beautiful striped cupcake next to me happens to in fact be my partner in crime, the lovely Lauren

All of the credit goes to miss Lauren for making the dress, I just threw some trim onto it and some flowers.

And despite contrary beliefe, I did not pose for this. After assisting a couple of ladies in unlacing corsets and bodices and dancing my feet off and a bit of champagne, I was done for! I collapsed right there in the dressing room.

One of these days I am actually going to start on my Polonaise. So far the only thing I have done is cut out the pattern peices. I havnt even touched the fabric yet, Aya.


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