Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally, what the masses [and by masses I mean six people] have been waiting for! The glorious Polonaise summer gown for the events that le Partner-in-crime and I [mostly her] are putting on!

I bought the patterns recently from Truly Victorian and I just have to say a; omagaw these are amazing and huge and confusing patterns and b; CITED. Please, do yourself a costuming favor and go to you will be glad that you did. So. Here is the concept.

[Yes I used the drawing off the front of the pattern as
a reference because im lazy.]

Click on the image for a larger and more detailed shot. I didn't completely color in both of them because doing the stripes was a pain in my ass. Also, the stripes are ALL of the blue fabric, not just the bodice. Again, too lazy. Here is the ACTUAL fabric.

I love. This. Fabric. Its a light silky like material..not really sure what it is. This is what the majority of the polonaise is going to be made out of. The underskirt I used a grand parlor skirt which is full in the back and has a demi train with an 8" sweep in the back. It looks fantastic and flowy with a polonaise and gives everything a grand look. The back of the sleeves where the bow is is going to have a panel of white muslin, to match the underskirt. I chose muslin knowing that it was a light sheer fabric because I thought the flowy look would make a fantastic summer effect.

For trims I'm going with a darker blue than the fabric and gold tassel idea around the bottom of the polonaise and perhaps around the sleeves, but Im afraid it might just be too heavy. If not that, then I know I want to do a pale yellow pleated ribbon trim around almost every seam, neckline sleeves, down the front of the polonaise, perhaps even
on the back. Where something flat is required I'm going to be using a flat pale yellow ribbon. The buttons will probably be white. And I know there is going to be lace somewhere. And probably a fat ass bow at the back right above the tails of the bodice.

I also have this fantastic hat that I need to lower the crown on and decorate with masses of bows ribbons ostrich plumes and BIRDS. Because I am insane. I plan on starting this dress in the immediate future as I have everything but fusible interfacting waiting for me. Walmart trip this weekend!!!


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  1. I love how the colors of your polonaise fabric match the dots at the top of your blog, LOL :-D