Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How is the doublet coming along, you wonder?

Right along, you might say. Sometimes I suprise myself with what I can accomplish after an extended amount of time of frustrated beating of fabrics and shapes. Yeah..it was ridiculous. and I actually was about to give up.

But I plowed on and changed my sleeve styles drastically. Instead of the tubes I made the top part paneled with green and rust striped, with trims running down to cover the seams, I love covering seams with trim.

I also bought a second kind of trim because the green fabric hides my first kind of trim sort of blended in.

It is not a good picture because my camera sucks. its a pail green with yellowish gold squares and loops. It doesn't match exactly, but it works.

So to tie it into the sleeves its going to be used on, I placed it to cover the seams on the collar facing.

Since all of the additions and extra seams, the collar has become stiffer and looks much better than it did before, less floppy and such.

I don't really have a dress form, so I decided to put what I have made on myself to see what it looks like, then take a myspace esque picture. I have to say I am very proud of whats gone on.

I know sometime down the line before I debut this dress there is going to be some beading. I'm even contemplating some slashing up near the top on the green panels because its tight enough to do some puffing of the shirt i end up wearing underneath. And I love beading.

On another note, some random pictures;

I wore one of L. R's ren dresses to work for 'Decades Day'
[I work at a middle school.]

It was kind of exciting. I also got pictures of the caul I have been slaving over and embroidering. Its all finished! Hooray!! Meet what makes Lady Margaret Merryfox, Lady Margaret Merryfox.

I got my pattern for my polonaise, and the fabric and the hat. Thoooose are for a different post. Yes; you must wait in anticipation with baited breath. Ha!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I'm about to trip and drown in a puddle of my own drool! MAGGIES! IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way your fox caul came out; we're going to be so cute, Lady Merryfox :-).

    Thanks for posting the pic of you in the Middles - it looks really great on you, and I can see I'll have to shorten the skirt in front, hahaha

  2. I even wore my vic boots underneath it!! jees long!

    Im almost done with the cuff part of the sleeves, im still trying to figure out if i attach them to the front and leave them open in the back so i have elbow room or tie them on ala italian esque. Hmmmm.