Saturday, March 21, 2009

The corset; working areas; yours truly working.

Good morning and happy Saturday out there. I can tell you I'm greatful for it.
Anyhow, now on to the good
stuff. Like this sandwich...Mmmmm

So lately, I have been elbow deep in a new steampunk outfit for the upcoming PEERS dance, which this time is steampunk themed.
The outfit consists of a short spencer jacket military themed with a Atilla style brain pattern. Pictures of that will come soon, thats another post. However, to go underneath it, I decided to go headlong into my first corset. I need one anyhow for other costumes, so killing two birds with one stone.

I had some troubles at first with this one at first. More or less with the inside lining fabric. I made the mistake of using a fabric that is the same on both sides, so its hard to tell wrong/right side. There really isnt one..Damn green cotton.
Serious issues shown below;

These two peices are facing each other like they should, if i were to be wearing it. Now look cloesely at the right hand side; That side has the seam allowance on the outside, the left on the inside. Now see what I meant by mirror image? Fail. Epic.
By this time is was eleven thirty at night and I was fed up and didnt want to seam rip ALL OF THAT and re do it. So i said fuck it and went to be

Now for those of you who don;t know, Ive been couch surfing with some fri
ends for the last few months. Couches are not good to sleep on. [I promise, this is relevant to sewing]. I was at costco last night, and saw an air mattress for 30 dollars. BINGO. I bought it. I also needed sheets. Bought some of those. Now what else did they come with? Pillow cases!! I don't need THOSE!

Observe the fix of the green lining

Why tear out seams when you can just REDO it all?? Hurray!!! Not only does this fabric look nicer, it was a joy to sew on! Stiffer and a bit thicker than the green cotton. Now my entire corset is made from bed linens. Oh yes, even the outside brown fabric. Those were expensive sheets too. Remember that 18th century Robe a'la anglaise? That was made from those sheets. Im a recycler.
ANYHOW. Here are more pictures of the project as it is so far. [Yes, I ironed the bejesus out of it.]

The next step is going to be putting the busk and grommets in then trimming the outside and binding the edges. I have hopes that I can get this all done tomorrow, and there will be pictures of me IN my corset!! Yay!!

M. W.

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  1. WOOT! The swirlies look AMAZING all sewn together!