Friday, March 20, 2009

On; Wow, I have a costume blog.

I finally took the dive, to make myself a costume blog. I've been meaning to do it, but kept selling myself stupid excuses dont have a camera, or a wacom tablet, or computer drawing skills. But i DO have a scanner, and a bunch of paper and pencils. Good enough. I can color them on paintshop pro second, because I roll old school.
Anyhow, since I started this a little late, instead of right when i started costuming, I will post pictures and link of the costumes that I have completed already.
Enjoy my blog! And please PLEASE feel free to comment to your hearts content!! In turn I will peruse your blog. Cause I'm a giver. These gowns are not in date order.

My first victorian gown, made for Dickens Christmas Fair of 2008. This gown was made on a SERIOUS budget. All of the fabric was purchased at walmart or scrapped from other dressed. The fashion fabric was a stripped cotton, and was actually very heavy. All in all, the gown was a wreck, and i couldn't stand it. It doesnt exist anymore. The only thing I loved were the pagoda sleeves, as the trimming came out very nice. Unfortunately, no pictures remain, but I will draw it.

My second ren gown that I ever tackled was a blue and gold brocade with gold on gold brocade accents. I included a pillbox hat with pearls around the crown. THAT was a nightmare. So were the sleeves, all in all; however, the gown came out quite nicely. I wore it two ways, full nobles for Folsom Faire 08 shown here;

[unfortunately I cannot get a picture picture.]

And for halloween I ventured to make a flatcap, and wore it without the sleeves and just my chemise underneath;

Full body;

My FIRST ren gown, and the FIRST thing I had ever sewn in my life was a beautiful red and gold and green nobles gown. This is the second time I had chance to wear it, at Faire Oaks Faire of 08. Unfortunately, these are also only links.

Best full body I could come up with. I wore this gown for one weekend of Valhalla, debuting my ren faire career, and in faire oaks. Yes. The hat is terrible. I made a new one. Now, when faire oaks faire rolled around, I had completed my blues and golds, and was very very proud of it, so i saw my reds....and sighed. They were not up to par!! So what do you do then?
OVERHAUL. This is now what my reds look like. Sorry, another link.

Completely changed the shoulder treatment, the sleeves, made a new hat. Its a totally different gown!!! You can't see it, but there is alot of extra hand beading, and there is a white pearl fabric hemguard, which got destroyed..but looked nice! And who is that next to me? Why that is My partner in crime!!! LR. Gotta love her. She is a LIFESAVER when it comes to costuming, and has had many a random late night HELP ME call.

Next we have The crisis that was my first 18th century gown. This is how it started. Draped a nice pattern. Made it tighter and double breasted. It looked very nicely liek this (the hoops were a stupid idea.)

Now, thats a very nice gown. Right?
I sure as hell didnt think so. So the night before I completely ripped apart the bodice. And made this train wreck.

Zone front gowns are hard. Note; Do not EVER redo a gown the night before. Fail.

That is what I have accomplished so far. Currently I am working on a steampunk outfit. Which all things considered is coming along rather nicely. Pictures of that for another post. Including concept drawing!!

M. W.


  1. You mentions me! You're so sweet! Remember, awesome fashion steampunk photography in dressed...

  2. These are great costumes!! The most I can ever do is use Halloween wigs to transform myself. My friends and I have theme dinner parties so having your talent would be awesome.