Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The finished Corset and what to do in the rain!!

WHEW! What a bunch of work that corset was, but all things considered it didnt take long. Perhaps a week? I surprised myself! So here are some pictures!!

This is when i started with the trim, part of me wishes i had just left it like it was..opinions? Whew I was also fully laced, eek so tight cept for the bust..sigh.

This is fully done, but not fully laced, I was in a hurry

I don't know...I almost like the simple one more? Tough tough tough.

So thats enough of that. Here is the funny st

What do you do when you have a nice beautiful brad new wool jacket you just made and its pouring down rain? This;

She is absolutely rocking that look.


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  1. This is why I should NOT be on America's Next Top Model, as if there are no other reasons...LOL