Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updating the corset/jacket steampunk ensemble, and the fun of a duct tape dress form

The corset it near to being finished! I have bound both top edges bound. Thats probably the hardest part of this whole thing, binding. After that, I have to add the trim, because nothing gets left untrimmed in my world, and I have issues.

"I will end you."

Its like looking at baby pictures!!

Super special sneak peak!!!! Apparently I can compress to 23 inches.

Alright now onto the good stuff. Recently I began moving away from commercial pattern using to draping patterns with my partner in crime's help. For that, its typically easier to have a Dress Form. Im a sorry broke ass loser, so we decided hey lets do that duct tape dress form idea!!! Hilarity ensued:

It wasnt this fun

Yes, I am doing the robot. No I have no idea why.

This part was funny. Ohhhh man. I assure you alot of giggling was to be had. The dress form never really took off as I had no chicken wire or a place to stand it up, so it collapsed after being moved without my knowing, and lauren and I kicked it around a bit. It was a good experiment to say the least.


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  1. I love that first picture where you're staring at your unfinished corset. I particularly like the little dwarf warrior on the counter next to your head. Oh the things you forget you own..hahahaha