Monday, March 30, 2009

Elizabethan gown 3

I cheated, and started on this dress before I started the concept art and then posted the concept art into here. But since there are no pictures taken, and I can only get so far without having everything [piping, trim buttons yadda] then I can show what I have. Which is the concept art.

Because I have been doing nothing with my day here at work, since the kids are on spring break. That isn't true, I hunted down some apartments too. Woo.
Anyhow. I am delving into another doublet style bodice this one not as retarded as the simplicity one. Seriously. That was really strange. Her
e is the concept art for one way I am going to wear it.

Resizing this was apparently a very bad idea. I forgot blogger resized things. Oh well. Anyhow. Here is the second style, then I will go into depth on fabrics.

Just added an over skirt. But it makes it look like a whole new dress!

Doublet and overskirt - Both are going to be made out of a deep russet colored upholstery velvet that is very heavy but absolutely stunning. So far it has been easy to work with, just somewhat heavy. The thing about the russet over skirt is that has to be worn either with small hoops or a quilted and corded petticoat to give it more of an a-line shape.

Sleeves and Underskirt/Hoopless skirt - These are going to be made out of a beautiful damask olive green with gold details, [not very well portrayed in the art]. Its much lighter and a dream to work with, not to mention beautiful with the drape. The under skirt is finished right now, and I just have to make the sleeves. I am a thrifty worker.

Trims and Piping - The bodice is going to be piped with a green upholstery piping, thin as i can find it (you know, that braided cord stuff that looks nifty.).The tabs will also be piped with it, on the shoulders and at the waist. I plan on going a double row of tabs at the waist, but depending on patience, time, and fabric it might just be one. The sleeves can be either one row of tabs, or tabs stuffed with a gold shoulder roll, or green if i have enough after the sleeves. The sleeves on the other hand, will be piped with a gold piping to offset the gold in the green fabric. The trim is going to be a gold silk braid running in chevron strips down the bodice, front and back. The sleeves will not be trimmed more than the piping as they are already busy. The outer skirt will have a single or double row of trim down the front, with possibly some beading.

The cool thing about this dress is that it can be worn to look high noble or upper class lower noble, or traveling clothes. Without the overskirt I will just have a couple of petticoats, one set corded the other just plain by themselves. The russet skirt WEIGHS A TON, the thing is heavy as hell, threeish yards of tiny pleats, it all adds up. So during most of the faires, I will be wearing just the green skirt, and during a couple cooler faires I will wear the over skirt.

Accessories will include an italian bonnet and flat cap, too bad I cant draw those.
Also, in the first picture, it is shown with frog closures, but I am thinking of not doing frogs, and sticking with just some pretty pearl or gold buttons, false front of course, as it will close with hooks and eyes.

Pictures of the progress so far will come soon.

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