Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elizabethan Shirt ; Blackwork is fun for the family

I totally slacked on getting any other posts about this, like starting from square one but I don't think its terribly interesting. Here I will give you a run through

2 squares same size, two smaller square that are the same size. Neck hole, gussets and fun. Ok I'm terrible I know, read the tudor tailor!!

This is about the exciting part, BLACK WORK! I'm finding it relaxing, much like my caul but at the same time a big complicated on little areas like collars and cuffs, but the end result is quite nice.

Honestly, I would have loved to do machine blackwork but I found out that my machine..doesn't do all of the stitches it advertises, that hunk of crap. So hand it is, cept for the box pleat which is a simple vine stitch from the machine.

Good view of the back of the collar. I interfaced it with that evil stuff since I didnt need to worry about pressing any seams. Its very call and stiff, and looks fantastic since i have a giraffe neck.

Cuffs before box pleat has been sewn into them. I made them relatively short for this shirt.

This is a really bad angle that makes it look REALLY BIG. well, it kind of is, the shoulder seams are very low, but im thinking once i get the cuffs sewn on and when its on under a doublet or dress it doesnt look bad.

Quick update for now, I will update when I have more pictures of it. Putting the polonaise down for a while and going back to elizabethan. Tahoe is creeping around the corner!!


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