Friday, May 8, 2009

Sleebes and skirts.

Ok, So, I had this whole fucking funny shpeal about stuffing my face and what have you, then my computer crashed and all of this information got lost. So you all missed out because windows is sometimes a huge fucknut.
On to what actually matters.

I've obviously been working tirelessly on my Polonaise for the past three ish days and suprising myself with the mass amounts of work i have gotten done in such a short span of time. Last night it was sleeve time. I cut everything out, my fashion fabric and my lining, then sat back on my heels with an idea.
I partially got the idea from Kendra at and her 1860's summer day gown, diary parts here [I'm not a lurker, I swear.] Anyhow, I decided to rebel against the norm and made the sleeves out of the same light airy muslin that I am making the underskirt. It is supposed to be a summer day gown afterall, so why not make it light.

I realize there is that little pulling issue on the left sleeve, all it is is a little pleat that got caught in the shoulder seam, nothing bad.

Another thing about this sleeve pattern was it is a pleated bell sleeve. Tahts all fine and dandy, but this had you pleat it OUT which I think looked silly and a little messy, so I did the opposite. I like to rebel, what can I say? So instead I made a nice little box pleat that seemed to make sense to me.

It looks very nice with it on, and at the top all I need to do is smack a nice little striped fabric bow with cute tails, and then it ties it all in. [Especially with the white muslin bow that will be in the back.] I also plan on doing a little embroidery in that space of the pleat. I have issues.

The thing with this fabric, as most of you already know is that it's mostly sheer, and raw seams look bad. So Partner in crime lady taught me how to do finished seams, and I have been slaving over them on both my sleeves and my underskirt. MURDERRRR. It isn't as bad as I had first thought; however.

I also belive Ive burnt off all my fingers pads. Oh well, now I should go rob a store!

And now for something completely unrelated, I have an itch to make an 18th century gown based off of these new shoes my room mate bought for me.



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  1. Those are French Seams I see! They looks fantastic!!!

    OH, and the shoes, OH OOOOOOH! SOOOOO cute! You always have the best shoes!! Does this mean your 18th c. gown will be bubblegum pink? There was one of such a color in the Marie Antoinette movie, which I suspect I will need to lend you sometime very soon. :-)