Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am a machine.

Whelp, here it is ladies and gentlemen, the underskirt, and polonaise are done to be wearable. there is still no trim and I have no petticoats but by golly I would wear this out tomorrow. These were taken before I had the boning in the bodice at all, down the front or the sides, so it looks a little off, I realize. I also need a better bustle pad. But it looks good!

I should have put my hat on.

Warning, bombardment of pictures ahead.

Only decent front view I could get. There is horrible pulling because I didnt have the boning in there anywhere yet.

Side and back view. Now I need trim, and to hem the underskirt. I have to figure out WHY it falls so horribly flat. Do I need corded petticoats AND another petticoat with a train?
[Also, the bustling took a little to figure out how to gather it up with the tapes, but after some futzing with pins, it all came together.]

Tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. OH MY GAWB!!!! IT LOOKS AMAZING! The bustle in back is gorgeous!

    Yes, you need petticoats with some structure to them, which might mean cording, or might mean quilted. It's because the muslin is so thin - I had the same problem before. You might make the same skirt over again, in something stiffer (but light), and cord the bottom of it to get it to flare out. Adding a ruffle to the bottom a petticoat would also allow the skirts to stand out, but that's possibly more work!

    It looks incredible, though! I can't wait to see it in person! We'll take some good photos on Sunday.