Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Polonaise Progress and Predicament.

Ha. Alliteration.

Anyway. So I have been working a b
it on my Polonaise lately, starting with the fusible interfacing. I'll talk more bout that shortly.

Now, this pattern is a Truly Victorian pattern and for the most part I love it! However, I have a feeling this pattern is not LINED! In other words, it does not have lining instructions, just interlining, i.e. canvas. So after fusible interfacing, I chose to flat line all the pieces. Not the nicest looking thing on the insides but the way the instructions were laid out I couldn't do the normal method..and still follow the instructions.

I found a use for all that gingham afterall.

Which actually this fabric was kind of a pain to work with on the outer fabric. It was super slippery and made me want to tear my hear out a bit.

It was a little time consuming but then went on to begin the fun part of sewing it all together. In the pattern it asks for 1/2 inch seams but I cheated and went a little bigger about 5/8ths since I am kind of in between the sizes. And didn't pay close attention and found out that all the seams were supposed to be 1/2 inch. WHOOPS.

So I sewed all the back parts together like it asked, clipped then went to press my seams and that is when everything EXPLODED. My fusible interfacing WARPED like it was nobody's business and now the back three parts of my polonaise look a little...pathetic.

As you can see it is wrinkled beyond oblivion. I was absolutely heartbroken. After these were taken I was able to flatten everything about a little bit more with some gentle tugging some water and some pleading and coaxing, but its still...sad. I decided that since I wanted a bow in the back like so;

But perhaps maybe not as LONG as that one, and more to the sides but a big bow none the less made out of the white muslin with some quick fun little embroidery on the tails. A. it hides the fuck up and B. I wanted it anyway because its nifty looking. Also I really like that yellow gown...>_>.

Really at this point the trial is going to be how to press my seams without causing more of that warping and wrinkling. Next time I use the stuff if I do again it will be thinner and out of a package not by the yard.


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