Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hold onto your hats, Im doing the unthinkable!!


I'm just that cool. I've been working my ass off and have a nice large chunk of the polonaise done. Like the shell entirely. I know, right?! Win. Like Lauren put it, I really do churn out gowns like ford motors. Woo.

Anyhow. Here are some pictures that I will
explain under each one.

Its a monsterrrr!! No not really, it is just the back with the fronts sewn on at the shoulder. Fun part that was, trying to work with all of that flapping and flailing fabric.

This was an interesting pattern as ever open edge just called for a facing, which in most respects I kind of liked. so Here is around the neckline. Things are a little tight with this gown, but corseted I could seem to squeeze mah body in there. Thats how it said its supposed to be I guess!
Look at those pretty pressed seams. Oh irons.

Inside of the facing.

A nice clean hem on the front sides, i did a double hem where I folded it over then over again, this fabric is thin and likes to shred a little.

Please excuse the room mate in his underwear. I made him hold this. It's not going to be that little around the middle, i promise you that. I had it pinned closed. In truth its going to be edge to edge hook and eye cause its awfully tight as it is..ha.

I dont have editing software, IM SORRY FOR THE UNDERWEAR SHOT.
Back shot. I have to bustle the back tomorrow when I do the sleeves.

Back up close. Id say it looks rather smashing, the stripes and all.


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