Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Elizabethan shirt done, with the upgraded doublet.

Quick update on pictures of my finished elizabethan shirt worn under my most recent ren outfit, sans sleeves [they still need work, as always.]

Bad pictures.

The flash is a bitch but at least its not blurry and you can kind of see sleeve and collar detail. Hooray pearls.

No flash but blurry as a mother.

Le sigh.

Anyhow, once I get everything done, hat sleeves hemmed overskirt all that jazz, I will make my room mate take real pictures.


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  1. I LOVE this doublet, can you tell me where you got the pattern? And hi, by the way, I believe we met at the last Gaskells Ball. Your blackwork is amazing as well, I am making a elizabethan shift very like this one, and needed inspiration. Looks like I found it here! Hope to see you and Lauren at Gaskells very soon!