Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everything is going so well!

After the fiasco with the fusible interfacing and the warping and Maggie wanting to die a little on the inside, I tried again.

Got some thinner stuff, threw that on, then put a layer of canvas under that, then proceeded to do the EXACT SAME STEPS as before, in a frustrated manner.

It came out FANTASTIC. SO. FANTASTIC. Maggie is Happy. Very happy.

It might look wrinkly, but that is because I took these on my lunch and pretty much threw it on the ground and snapped some super hasty photos.

After that all worked out I proceeded to the fun part of the skirt back, where with simple little quirks, its magically started to take on a bustly form!

Some pleats on the sides and some on the back equals bustly beginning goodness!

No that is not a fish or mermaid on my floor, that is the back of a Polonaise! If you are not excited you should be. I also had a fun time working with twill tape. It was a wide hunk of fabric that needed to end up being a small hunk of fabric and we all know how exciting that can be.

You can't really see the pleats..but I tried. Now I have to get home and press some things.

Great success!! Now I jynxed it and ruined the whole gown. One of these days, I need to start on the parlor skirt or I am going to look funny.


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